What we can Offer?

Harnessing today’s resources for current and future generations. Today’s abundance could be tomorrow’s shortage. Having this in mind, sustainability plays a vital role to control and efficiently manage our resources for today and tomorrow’s wellbeing.

  • Conceptual Plan, Technical Prefeasibility Reports, Project Design, Implementation & Operations Management.
  • Sustainable Farmed Seafood Procurement Program (Certified Farmed Vannamei Shrimp from India).
  • Aquaculture Systems Technical Audit.


Our technical experience with different aqua-farmed species
Sustainable Solutions
Sustainable aquaculture solutions from project designing to post harvest management and market access
Understanding with research-oriented and industry updates
Supply Chains
Solutions for a complete integration and management of seafood supply chains from farm to fork
Social entrepreneurship
Involving rural/tribal communities and promote aquaculture as a self-sustainable livelihood initiative and social entrepreneurship through rural aquaculture
Co-operation with stakeholders in the value chain to promote better management practices
More Solutions
Solutions for aquaculture business development