About Us

Making use of today’s resources for current and future generations to come in a Sustainable way. Sustainability is key for a brighter tomorrow and being involved in the Aquaculture sector, this idea of sustainability plays a major role in food supply, social livelihoods and empowerment, market accessibility and an all-round integration of the supply chain.

Our Scope involves Aquaculture Consultancy Services for establishment and operations of aquaculture projects, seafood consultancy services on implementation of food safety systems from production to processing of farmed aqua produce.

Based in India our strong long-term experience of implementing projects from, concept to commissioning in India and other countries.

Our projects are based in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia

Our long term expertise is also on Aquaculture Technical prefeasibility and Technical audits that have been conducted in Maldives, Oman, USA, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Suriname, Egypt, Djibouti etc.,.

CSR Initiatives

  • Implementation of CSR initiatives through Rural Aquaculture
  • Rural & Social Aquaculture Entrepreneurship
  • Training and Advise

Consortium Partners

Technical and Operations Resource & Consortium Partners from Taiwan, China, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Switzerland & within India.